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KLOTH is a platform that promises to promote visual artists, illustrators and digital art mavericks and envisions creating their distinct identity. All they need to do is register and submit their designs that they want the world to witness.

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The Art

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About us

The StoryThe platform where art meets freedom

Art is a communion of culture and philosophy that leads to an everlasting impression of pure human emotion. It is the voice of the soul that forms the identity of an individual. An artist has the vision to see the world differently and we at KLOTH are their canvas. All we ask the artists is to express them the way they want and we promise to be their support system.

Our in house design team will curate your designs and we will print it on our merchandise and sell it through our portal. All you need to do is design the rest we will do for you.

KLOTH is a platform that will not only pay artists there due like none of the similar platforms have ever done before but also will plan their promotion strategy that will help them gain their own identity.

The Offer

1. Exclusivity

Exclusive artist portfolio with assistance in content management.

2. Returns

Timely payments on the sales by the end of the month.

3. Freedom

The ownership of your design will always remain yours.

4. Statistics

Transparency is the key to transformation; we will provide an exclusive dashboard to monitor sales and will also provide a monthly sales report.

5. Identity

We believe that every artist has a distinct identity. All exclusive designs selected by our in-house design specialists will bear their signature next to our logo.

6. Quality

We believe quality is our identity. So we thrive to deliver the best quality of products at affordable price. At KLOTH we use cutting edge printing technology with the highest quality product, to create a marvel.

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